It has often been observed that new Graffiti were made over previously cleaned surfaces. There is a way to reduce the cost of Graffiti removal, through special protective Anti-Graffiti coatings.

DOMO CARE uses a number of innovative and modern Anti-Graffiti coatings which will allow for a reduction in the cost of removal. Such methods involve special materials which fall into the following two categories:

Non-permanent coatings: The coatings of this category are removed every time together with the Graffiti, with the use of the water-jetting method and mild detergents. Of course, after the Graffiti is removed, this type of coating must be re-applied in order to protect the surface from future incidents.

Permanent coatings: This category includes special permanent transparent coatings in the form of varnish, which allow for the easy removal of the Graffiti solely with water-jetting (pressure over 80 Bar) or with the use of water and a brush. There is no need to replace such coatings after the Graffiti is removed, and they last for a long time.

Note: Considering that the age of the Graffiti is a key factor that determines whether it will be removed easily or not, as the pigment penetrates the surface over time, when the removal operation takes place within 24-48 hours from the creation of the Graffiti, the entire process is facilitated.