Pest control is the elimination of rodents living in spaces used by people. The activity of house mice and rats is particularly harmful to constructions (structural damage, short circuits, etc.). They also cause damage to stored food [according to FAO, reported losses worldwide amount to 14%, Contamination of stored products (losses of 14% worldwide because of the contamination of stored products)], and are harmful to public health because of the diseases they transmit (Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Hemorrhagic fever, Typhus, Toxoplasmosis, Plague, etc.). 

Their extermination is a particularly demanding process and various techniques are used, depending on the species of the rodents and how much they have spread, including disinfecting the area and using traps or rodent killing chemicals.

We can permanently rid you of insects and rodents that frequent or nest outdoors or have invaded the interior of your home or business. The preparations used by DOMO CARE are harmless, odorless and non-volatile and, of course, they have been approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and are safe for humans, pets and the environment. All exterminations, pest control and disinfections are carried out by certified and experienced personnel. The results are almost permanent and ensure radical pest control in the safest way for public health, in compliance with the specifications of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Indicative applications: low-pressure spraying, slow action gel for cockroaches – ants, reptile repellents, indoor “smoking”, etc. Use of the latest baits, disinfection against rodents.

DOMO CARE also undertakes the disinfection of vessels and is able to issue a decontamination certificate prior to departure.

Please find below a detailed account of our implementation methods and the preparations we use for our Extermination and Pest Control services.