Having rugs and carpets in your business spaces and at home cleaned with conventional means is not always the desirable method and does not always have satisfactory results. Even when rugs and carpets look clean, their pile may be hiding trapped pollutants and microorganisms which create unpleasant odors and generate symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose, coughing and headaches in people with allergies.

DOMO CARE turns any old, dirty rug and carpet into a brand new one, giving you the chance to enjoy it for many more years and saving you the cost of replacing it.

DOMO CARE cleans carpets with special spraying-absorbing machines featuring the latest ONT (Odor Neutralizer Technology), to effectively neutralize unpleasant odors, releasing a pleasant, lasting fragrance. In our professional spraying-absorbing machines, we use approved low-foaming, ph neutral cleaning products for rugs and carpets, approved by the English Institute Woolsafe, which effectively neutralize a large proportion of allergens in house dust (“Reduction in allergen levels from soiled carpets” – Medical Entomology Center, Cambridge UK).

The products we use have excellent cleaning performance, are completely safe for use on any type of rug or carpet, including wool ones, they can be used for both dry and wet cleaning, inactivate molecules that cause unpleasant odors and increase the effect of their discreet fragrance.

The same innovative spraying-absorbing cleaners and professional cleaning materials are also used to clean wallpapers. They erase stains and remove unpleasant odors, while the wallpaper regains its original vivid colors.