The House Keeping department plays a leading role in the operation of a hotel, as it relates to its general image, which includes the cleanliness and aesthetics of both rooms and common areas. House Keeping is important for a hotel, as it ensures comfort during the customers’ stay and is linked to cleanliness, hygiene, privacy, safety and elegance. House Keeping is one of the areas that decisively shape the visitor’s experience and, by extension, reviews, which are currently used extensively in the evaluation of hotels.

House Keeping Outsourcing is now a common practice for hotels worldwide. Following developments in the industry, DOMO CARE creates a viable strategic business relationship with hotel managers, based on the best financial and quality results and aiming to support a cooperation that benefits everyone.

Addressing large hotels units, DOMO CARE is the most suitable external partner to undertake all the functions of the company, whether primary or ancillary, in order to perform such functions in the best possible way through specialized procedures and in compliance with strict hygiene and safety instructions.

With its House Keeping services, DOMO CARE enhances the professionalism of the hotel business, thanks to the high efficiency that a specialized outsourcing service can offer, aiming at better cost-benefit relationships which its customers. Thanks to its great experience in outsourcing, DOMO CARE ensures professional success and cost reduction for its customers and generates in them a sense of satisfaction and trust.

DOMO CARE has developed a wide range of services exclusively for hotel units throughout Greece. More specifically:

DOMO CARE chooses staff based on the following high-priority criteria: how well-groomed they are, personal hygiene, honesty, politeness, discretion, emphasis on detail, physical fitness and willingness to cooperate. An essential element for the proper functioning of the House Keeping service is smooth collaboration and communication with the other hotel departments.