Although Graffiti is considered art, in many cases, for instance, when it comes to public monuments or façades of buildings and shops, it becomes an aesthetic problem. Various types of paint are used in Graffiti; therefore, caution and the appropriate experience are required in any cleaning operation, so as to remove the Graffiti without destroying the surface underneath.

DOMO CARE undertakes the removal of Graffiti from any surface, including walls, pavement slabs, glass, ATMs and cameras, without causing any damage, leaving the surface clean and free from any residues. We have experienced staff and equipment made especially for the removal of Graffiti, and we use only safe, biodegradable chemical detergents which do not affect the surface underneath.

Please note that the products used to remove Graffiti are often more specialized than the usual abrasives used for removing common paint, many of which are harmful to the environment. At DOMO CARE we use sophisticated, state-of-the-art products, as appropriate, to avoid harming the environment and restore the painted surface to its original condition.

Here at DOMO CARE, we assess each Graffiti removal operation as a distinct case, as the removal method may vary depending on the porosity of the surface, the type of pigment used and the age of the Graffiti.