Modern businesses are often faced with a dilemma: should they carry out all their production processes themselves or outsource some or parts thereof? In many cases, it has been shown that such support services and tasks can greatly reduce the cost if offered by external providers or even create opportunities for developing an investment.

Determining the specific needs of your real estate and infrastructure, the attractiveness of the workplace for your employees, preserving the value of your investments, innovative solutions that take into account the vision of your main business with minimal cost, are conditions for investment and ownership.

Together with you, we will determine the focus of these goals and on this basis we will analyze your framework parameters - qualitative and quantitative: position factors, operating times, key business dynamics, user-required system availability. We define the necessary services in all these subject areas.

Analysis and evaluation of the facility management organization identifies efficiency and potential indicator improvements through the development of optimal solutions with end-to-end procedures. Our goal is to ensure the continuous improvement of your organization.

Planning implementation of specific solutions: we provide the plans for managing change. We apply our long and extensive experience in projects across a range of areas; from individual office buildings to industrial sites and retail chains.

Applying defined solutions: speed is the determining factor - adaptability varies from organization to organization. We take responsibility for managing the pilot programs and developing them for you.

Thanks to its specialized personnel and broad circle of permanent partners, DOMO CARE can support your business even in the most demanding works. Please find below some of the support services we can provide:

Do not hesitate to contact DOMO CARE for any business support needs. Our relationship with our customers is based on mutual trust gradually built as we provided quality, cost-effective and specialized services inspired by our customer-centric corporate culture.