Your business facilities, of any type, need to be cleaned regularly. DOMO CARE undertakes the regular (daily, weekly, or monthly) cleaning of your business premises, aiming at your full satisfaction. Our staff and the company’s partners have many years of experience and are constantly trained in new technologies. What is more, we use modern equipment and high-quality products to meet the needs of our customers. We pay attention to every customer’s needs, we adapt and aim to build a relationship of trust between our customers and DOMO CARE.

Trust us with the regular cleaning of your business facilities or building. We will elaborate a cleaning plan specially for you, tailored to the specific needs of your space. For us, every customer is a special case, depending on their needs and demands, and we have the experience, the ability and the potential to meet such needs and demands.

This is how we have managed to build the trust that has defined our relationship with our customers for years. Ask us to show you our faithful, continuously expanding clientele; an indisputable witness to the quality and excellence of the services we provide. Like so many others in the market, trust the groundbreaking organization of DOMO CARE, and our experienced and trained staff, and settle the matter of the cleaning of your business premises or building once and for all.

Emergency services include cleaning operations necessary for a space to become operational again after an unexpected disastrous event, such as a fire, arson, a flood, vandalism, etc. It is not uncommon that both natural phenomena (storms, floods, wind) and people’s actions (fires, arson, vandalism) cause minor or major damage to homes or business premises. Because of the nature of the damage, cleaning and restoration is not a simple matter. For example, among other things, two of the problems that one has to deal with after a fire is soot, which is visible and penetrates every space, as well as the burning smell, which is of course invisible and varies depending on the type of material that burned.

The soot cleaning process and the neutralization of the smell require special equipment (e.g. vacuum cleaners with special filters), special products for cleaning and neutralizing the smell, as well as trained personnel for the proper implementation of such processes.

Thanks to its experience in handling damage caused by natural or man-made disasters, DOMO CARE guarantees restoration and delivers, quickly and efficiently, a clean space ready to be used. We understand that the space must immediately become fully operational as it was before, which is why DOMO CARE has a special, fully-equipped, rapid-intervention team ready 24/7, to be able to deal with such situations as soon as possible.

But our services do not stop here. We can undertake not only the cleaning of the space, but its full restoration to its prior operational form, as our personnel includes experienced electricians, electronics experts, engineers, refrigerationists, gardeners, agronomists, etc. Do not hesitate to ask us for information even when it comes to very particular restoration services.