The renovation of your home or business space is a breath of fresh air for your family life and your business image, respectively.

DOMO CARE can undertake all kinds of extensive renovations of both your home and business space. Our company’s architects, engineers and decorators are at your disposal to discuss your needs and ideas, make suggestions and elaborate with you a renovation plan customized based on your requirements and your budget.

The exterior areas of your home or business facilities are no less important than the interior and deserve special attention as well. Give a special look to your building by installing a tile roof or by incorporating a shelter or a pergola. 

DOMO CARE has experts who will design and propose the type, size and shape of the tile roof, the pergola or the shelter. Choose materials that suit your building (wood, iron, polymers), choose the design and just trust us... Our specialized crews will carry out the installation and the result will exceed your expectations.