(General introduction)                                   

DOMO CARE S.A. has been active in building management, providing Cleaning Services since 1994, and in 2009 it incorporated a number of other services, completing the vertical integration of the Facility Management it provides. By focusing on the customer’s needs, DOMO CARE is able to provide personalized solutions in the form of both individual services and integrated management service packages.

The company undertakes with responsibility, consistency, confidentiality and professionalism any work that you choose from the wide range of services provided and carries it out within the agreed timeframe. Our crews have many years of experience, our collaborators are carefully selected and our equipment is state-of-the-art, to guarantee the full satisfaction of our customers.

Facility Management (FM) consists of a set of actions to ensure the functionality of the building environment by integrating people to the place, process and technology. DOMO CARE is an experienced FM service provider with over 25 years of experience in the field, provided through an integrated model of continuous product research and improvement (Integrated Facility Services).

With the ever increasing requirements in Facility Management, we are convinced that our ability to offer all or most of our service offerings through our own people is critical to ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the solution. We manage our own staff because we believe we are in a better position to control it, so that we can manage every part of the services provided. At DOMO CARE, we play a leading role in services management, offering the range and quality of services that make the difference while our ability to integrate services into our customer culture, always loyal to a customer-centric culture, is our company’s policy.

DOMO CARE has a long history in managing project personnel in individual services such as cleaning, maintenance and security services. Our customers immediately see the true benefits of DOMO CARE when we integrate the human factor in our services and take advantage of the synergies we have created.

DOMO CARE… a partner for life.