DOMO CARE is also there for you when it comes to fire safety. Our specialized and certified collaborators elaborate a fire safety study specifically for your premises, install the best fire detection and fire protection system and are responsible for its maintenance. 

Fire detection

When it comes to either addressed or conventional fire detection systems, DOMO CARE collaborates with leading European manufacturers in the field of smoke/gas detection and warning systems.

Fire extinguishing

DOMO CARE’s long-standing collaborations with the most significant international firms and companies enable it to offer fire-extinguishing products and services that meet every need, regardless of conditions, particularities and difficulties. 

The installation and operation of fire extinguishing systems may involve, depending on the case and the risk, extinguishing systems with pressurized gases and chemicals, even extinguishing systems with inert gas and foam, and all kinds of sprinklers. The fire protection study to be carried out by DOMO CARE’s partner will indicate the optimum system, and our experienced crew of certified partners will undertake the installation. No need to worry about the maintenance of the system; DOMO CARE will always be there for you, to deal with any problem that may arise.

We can also supply you with modern fire extinguishers or refill the existing ones and organize the fire hose cabinets and stations in your building.