Energy Efficiency Study – KENAK – Energy Efficiency Regulation of Buildings: is the study that analyses and evaluates the energy performance of a building. In accordance with the Energy Efficiency Regulation of Buildings (KENAK). The issuance of a building permit for each building, new or radically renovated with a total surface area of more than 50 m², requires the preparation and submission of an Energy Efficiency Study to the relevant Urban Planning Authority. It is an additional study necessary for the issuance of a building permit and replaces the thermal insulation study as applicable until the implementation of the new regulation.

In accordance with the new legislation (JMD D6/B/oik. 5825, GG 407/9-4-2010) each building must meet certain minimum energy efficiency requirements. This is achieved by complying with the minimum standards, in accordance with the legislation, with respect to the design of the building, the thermotechnical characteristics of the shell elements and the technical characteristics of the electromechanical installations (heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, hot water use). The design data are input into specific energy analysis software and the final primary energy consumption is calculated and the building, after being compared to a reference building with similar geometric characteristics, is classified into an energy category, which will be confirmed by the energy inspection and certification (PEA).

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