Security is one of the most important aspects for the smooth operation of a company. If you wish to shield your business against malicious intruders, DOMO CARE suggests installing an invisible alarm system and security cameras recording every move, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We propose to our customers video surveillance and image capture systems, which are cutting-edge technology in the field of security systems. 

In addition to conventional equipment, we can supply our customer with equipment for specialized applications, such as financial transaction verification and certification systems, systems for the identification of vehicle registration plates, people-counting closed-circuit television systems, digital recording and playback systems, etc. There are also systems which allow the remote control and management of closed-circuit television installations via telephone lines, networks (LAN, WAN, Internet) and/or wireless networks.

Specially trained experienced installers will come to your premises, identify the weaknesses and propose the optimal security system for your business.

One of the principles implemented by DOMO CARE is the procurement and installation of certified systems provenly reliable for decades and easy for the customer to use. Our priority, apart from the reliability of our systems, is to enhance the sense of security in the protected areas.