DOMO CARE collaborates with the largest and most reliable cleaning companies, to offer a wide range of supplies for its customers’ sanitary facilities. A significant related aspect is the ongoing market research carried out by DOMO CARE on the products it offers, so that customers may benefit as much as possible with regard to both cost and quality. The proposed solutions are always customized based on the needs of each company and ensure hygiene at work, the reduction of related operating costs, and the supply of approved products, whether those require refilling or replacement or not.

Please find below some of the products that DOMO CARE can provide you with and which relate to the hygiene of your space:

Apart from these, it provides all sorts of consumables for the organization of office kitchens, with an emphasis on ecological, biodegradable items (straws, coffee stirrers, glasses, etc.), taking into account the new EU Directive stipulating that disposable plastic articles will be banned in the EU as of 2021.

You may send us a list of the products and consumables that you need in your business to, and we will inform you immediately and sincerely about our competitive prices.