Fully aware that a company’s workers are its backbone and a reflection of its image, DOMO CARE focuses greatly on the aspect of human resources.

A key axis of DOMO CARE’s policy is the recruitment of employees with a dynamic personality, high level of training, objective skills and experience, and a willingness to learn based on their continuous improvement. Recognizing the contribution of employees to the overall successful course of the business, DOMO CARE invests in them every day, providing them with the impetus for continuous education and training in the trends of international developments in the industry as well as in the demands of modernizing our partners in the methodology and procedures followed by the company, and in their personal and professional development. The main corporate goal is to provide incentives that will bring moral and material satisfaction through their professional activity.

The company employs more than 250people, most of whom work in the cleaning sector. For some of the services of the Facility Management sector, it has also created the conditions for synergies with experienced and trained teams of partners from all the foreseen specialties. The DOMO CARE staff consists of experienced employees in both the commercial and financial sectors as well as the entire administrative staff.

Outside the usual corporate structures, DOMO CARE adopts a team mentality. It primarily seeks to create a stable climate of co-operation between the departments of the company, mainly founded on two-way communication, the exchange of ideas and individual goals and efforts going hand in hand with its strategic objectives. DOMO CARE’s main goal is that its employees and partners assimilate a business culture based on three fundamental concepts: professionalism, accountability and efficiency.