All maintenance and repair work required will be carried out in accordance with the specifications and plans of the manufacturer or supplier of the machinery, as well as the recommendations and instructions of the employees of the Service Technical Support Department.

Preventive maintenance will be performed two (2) times a year, once before the start of the winter season and once before the start of the summer season.

Damage: If during the maintenance work the technician perceives damage to certain air conditioning machinery, DOMO CARE will report it and then prepare a detailed written offer on the cost of repair (materials and labor).

When the crew visits your premises it will issue a relevant certificate listing the air conditioning machinery that was maintained and any observations. After performing preventive maintenance, the technician will provide (under Law 1599/1986) a good performance guarantee for one year.

Indoor air quality has been the subject of research and concern for the entire world community. We are referring to the effects of various factors on human health, which relate to the components of the air we breathe in indoor air-conditioned areas.

To ensure the good quality of the air conditioning system in terms of health and comfort, it is necessary to maintain the network of air ducts. Internal mechanical cleaning of the air supply, recirculation and ventilation network is the first stage of air conditioning installation hygiene.