Regular maintenance of the boiler room saves us money.

The annual maintenance of the burner is required and mandated by Greek law and in all cases, the cost of such work is lower than the burden of increased consumption of a boiler room that has not been maintained.

In addition to the annual maintenance, manufacturer’s maintenance specifications are also covered, minimizing the risk of failure or damage to machinery.

The heat production center (boiler room) should be maintained by a licensed technician, with the issuance of the respective PERPA certificate, in order to re-operate economically, safely and with reduced pollution for both us and the environment.

Our company provides integrated systems and services for the operation, installation and maintenance of liquid and gaseous combustion systems, providing reliable quality and economical heating and automation solutions.

The measurements, analyses and settings in the boiler room are done with our most reliable equipment, and at the end of the work a PERPA inspection sheet is issued, detailing the measurements as well as the level of performance.